Kashi Crazy

While I was at the store this week, I was determined to stock up on some new items. I finally got around to buying curry powder and bit the bullet on my cheap-o tendencies by purchasing West Virginia grown apples. Shockingly, the import curry was cheaper than the Kroger brand, negating the higher cost of the apples.

Anyway, I popped over to the organic section to pick up my **Almond Breeze almond milk when I spotted the strategically placed Kashi crackers that I hadn’t tasted in years. Kashi’s Sesame Honey TLC crackers used to be a favorite of my friend in high school. She was the one who actually started introducing me to the healthier options in life, like skim milk. Who knew?! So, after I picked up the crackers and milk, I turned around to look through the flavors of my old, faithful snack, the Kashi snack bars. Although I didn’t see any new flavors that looked appealing to me, I did discover a flavor that I had managed to miss throughout the years: Roasted Almond Crunch. YUM! They’re must more firm and crunchy than my usual Nature Valley bars and much healthier. Finally, while rounding the corner to breeze through the soups, I spotted quite possibly the most delicious cookie I’ve purchased in a long time: the Chocolate Almond Butter cookie. Good lord. They should not put these things in a sleeve.

photo (44)

Of course after I got home I was dying to try EVERYTHING, but I refrained. I saved the bar for my afternoon snack the following day and enjoyed the cookie for an after dinner treat. The crackers? Well, they were my pre-workout snack (paired with Sargento cheese cubes) before hitting the gym yesterday.

Oh and on the subject of the gym, I went back for my old workout routine yesterday after work. I only did 25 minutes on the elliptical, but it was still better than nothing. Today, I’m hoping to run back over for another quick cardio session before Stefano’s tonight, where I will be enjoying my absolute favorite Cucumber Martini! Yummmm.

photo (45)

Well, I don’t have much else to report, but hopefully I’ll be sharing a recipe that my coworker gave me for a Curry Chickpea Dip. Soooo good!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Torn between the elliptical and the stairclimber? According to Fitness Magazine, go for the elliptical. “The cyclical movement is easier on your legs than stepping, so you won’t tire as quickly.

**Not sure about making the switch from cow’s milk to almond milk? Check out this FitDay article for more information on the benefits of almond milk.

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