WIAW: The Best Tabbouleh of My Life

Quite possibly the favorite combo of foods yet!

Of course I had to start the month off with some Campbell’s Tomato soup. I tossed some chia seeds in for good measure and let the heartburn ensue. Below that, I had sauteed spinach with some corn, an apple and rosemary roasted potatoes with rosemary from my “garden”. I’m a proud gardener! To the right, you’ll see my wonderful hummus and tabbouleh combo from Mediterranean Market in Morgantown, which I devoured in two days. Finally, I enjoyed my delicious homemade Curried Chickpea Dip.

All in all, a pretty good assortment of foods. Next week, I’m hoping to make some “healthified” pumpkin bread based on my mom’s recipe. We’ll see how it goes!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Eating well is contagious. Today I was feeling hungry and overheard my coworker crunches on carrots. My decision to hit the vending machine quickly turned to a full-on carrot craving. Luckily I had some in my lunchbag to snack on. Navigate towards healthy eaters or try looking at some “food porn” on the internet featuring healthy items. I swear it works!