TTT: When I Need a Smile

Sometimes I find myself needing a good giggle. (Especially when I need to pull myself out of a giant hole of despair after finding a long, gray hair in my perfectly fine cup of coffee.)  Sitcoms and comedy flicks usually don’t even get a smile out of me, so that’s when I hit the internet hard for the latest in funny pictures, ridiculous news stories and cute cat videos. Here are a few of my favorite sources.

“Founded by actress/musician ZOOEY DESCHANEL, producer SOPHIA ROSSI and writer/Internet Sensation MOLLY MCALEER, is the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females. Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly, so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us.”

This site just makes me smile. The logo is great, the contributors are hilarious and the topic categories are fantastic:

  • Entertainment
  • Treats
  • Beauty
  • Fresh Giggles
  • Cuteness
  • Home
  • Social Studies
  • Rants
  • Raves
  • How Tos
  • Moms
  • He Haw
  • The Dailys

That is EXACTLY how I categorize everything in my life. Anyway, check this site out if you’re into cute, smart articles and pictures of animals.

“BuzzFeed is the leading social news organization, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas. Our technology powers the social distribution of content, detects what is trending on the web, and connects people in realtime with the hottest content of the moment. Our site is rapidly growing and reaches more than 25 million monthly unique visitors. Jonah Peretti, founder & CEO of BuzzFeed, previously co-founded the Huffington Post. Ben Smith is its Editor-in-chief.”

Anytime I need a ridiculously funny series of photos or I just want to feel nostalgic, I visit BuzzFeed. Between the videos of corgi dogs trying to climb the stairs and simple steps to getting through the day (I’m laughing just thinking about this last one), I dare you to not laugh.

Basically, this site is a full of comics for you to view, share, like, whatever. It’s comics range from offensive, mildly offensive, and just drop dead hilarious. This site has been around for quite some time, as I remember some of my friends sharing these with me on AIM. (There’s a time frame for ya.) A few of my favorites below.

So check out any of these great sites for a guaranteed chuckle. (Insert giant, toothy smiley face here.)

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