WIAW: The Pure Joy I Get From Discounts

I’m going to make this brief, because I’ve still got to squeeze in a workout for the day.

I. Love. Discounts. So today when I got online to order my personalized holiday cards, I was bummed to realize they were going to be quite expensive. I decided I would swallow my pride and cough up the cash. Just as I was finishing up the design, I decided to do a quick shop-around for a better deal. My dear friends, the Queens, sent me a lovely postcard style holiday card that I found to be quite adorable. I grabbed it from the fridge and checked where she made it. Cardstore.com. Hmm, never heard of it? Me neither!

I quickly hopped on over to the site and nearly died when I saw their fabulous 12/12/12 discount: All Holiday Cards 29 cents. WHAT?!?! I quickly picked a new design, loaded my contacts and had another bought of excitement when I realized stamps and direct mailing were included in this cost. I knew I needed a few extra to hand out to some work folks, so I added another order to be shipped directly to me. Before the discount: $45. After the discount: $7. With all the money I saved, I was able to do a rush delivery so I would get my cards by the beginning of next week. OMG. I literally can’t contain my joy.

Ok, on to WIAW.

photo (80)photo (81)photo (75)photo (83)photo (76)

To start I had an egg sandwich with a half slice of muenster cheese. Lunch was a delicious cheese ravioli and house salad combo from a local favorite, Muriales, in Fairmont, W.Va. I had to get my cheese on for my snack, so I chose this horrendous pose with my beloved Chobani yogurt. Finally, to fuel me through the holidays, my yummy Holiday/Christmas blend Starbucks coffee.

Well I’m off to squeak out a workout. Wish me luck!

My Healthy Choice of the Day: After weighing myself today and realizing I had gained the two pounds back that I had lost, I calmly walked back to my desk, logged the weigh in and said, “Just keep trying.” Normally I would have beaten myself up and been really down, but not this time. (And this was BEFORE the big discount celebration!)

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