Five Things Friday Fave Edition: Snacks!



FFF December

  1. Greek yogurt – I probably eat Greek yogurt 4-5 times per week. I stick with this as a go-to snack because it’s sweet, convenient and full of good for you schtuff, i.e. packed with protein, calcium and helps keep you regular (if ya know what I mean). What I love about Greek yogurt the most is that it keeps me full longer. When I first started eating yogurt, I bought the basic Yoplait stuff that was packed with sugar. It was great, for a first time yogurt eater, but left me feeling hungry shortly after. After I switched to Greek, I was amazed at how much longer I could go between meals. Greek yogurt is definitely one of the best snacks out there.
  2. Protein/Snack bars – Debate all you want about the arsenic in Luna bars, but you have to admit they are delicious. If I’m not munching on Blueberry Bliss or Chocolate Peppermint Stick -Luna Bar chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bars, I’m probably enjoying a Kind or Larabar. These three brands are my absolute favorite for many different reasons. First off, the Luna bars probably taste the best. Plus, they’re full chick vitamins. (Feminist food only, please.) Larabars do the best at keeping me full. They’re super dense too, so I feel like I’m eating a big piece of fudge. Kind bars are probably my last pick of the three, but only because I don’t stay as full after I eat them. I highly recommend the almond coconut flavor though, if you’re going to try them.  Sometimes if I know I’m going to have a light dinner or lunch, I’ll do half a protein/snack bar and toss it into my yogurt. Win win!
  3. Cottage cheese – Despite being told by one of my exes that the whole concept of cottage is beyond disgusting, I still love my large curds. Sometimes I’ll eat it with pineapple and sometimes I’ll eat it with tomato slices. Sometimes I like it on toast and other times I’m fine spreading it on a cracker. No matter how I prepare this stuff, I’m in heaven. It’s probably one of the few dairy products I could not, absolutely would not, give up. Protein, calcium, you know the drill.
  4. Cereal – I’ve been eating dry cereal since the day I was able to get my tiny hands on the stuff. It’s easy to pack, great to eat and can also accompany my Greek yogurt with ease. I alternate between a few brands, but always come back to my beloved Kashi. My current crush is Kashi’s Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat cereal. I highly recommend.
  5. String cheese – This definitely has to be paired with something, but this snack made my list mainly because it’s fun to eat. Who doesn’t enjoy pulling down long strings and dangling them over your mouth, baby bird style? Ok, creepy comparison, but can you honestly say you get any enjoyment out of biting into string cheese? No. That’s almost as blasphemous as taking a bite out of a Kit Kat without “breaking off a piece”. For shame. Anyway, sometimes I like to take my cheese strings and curl them up on a cracker for a delicious bite. Mmm.

What are your go-to snacks?

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