Bridesmaid Dresses

On Saturday I headed over to meet my best friend Micah and the rest of her bridesmaids for our dress fitting. Before I launch into my whole measurements boo-hoo, let me first point out that this outing was the first time I’d seen my dear friend Courtney since we were freshman in college and my other close friend (and former roomie) Chelsey since I graduated college. Let’s just say I was beyond happy to see these two. Among the bridesmaids were Micah’s close friends from Pharmacy School, Jordan and Ashleigh, two very sweet girls and Micah’s sister, Carie. (Another ladybug I hadn’t seen in a very long time.) Courtney, a mom of two, graced us with the presence of her beautiful little girl, Kinley, who I proceeded to bounce until she vomited. See, that’s the thing with me; I think babies are adorable, but I almost always end up making them puke, poop or cry. Nevertheless, the entire outing was a success. I found the dress I wanted, as did the other ladies, and Micah seemed happy with our choices.

Fast forward to the measurement portion of the day. Now, I had ball-parked what I thought my measurements might be, but I really wasn’t prepared for what I discovered. My hips are at least two inches wider than I thought. Again, I’m sure I can shave off a little for clothing, but I was pretty surprised. Talk about more motivation** to get training for the half marathon.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m starting to get really paranoid that the half marathon is going to be the same day as the wedding?! It’s pathetic that this just occurred to me. Still, I’m going to try to have a back up, just in case I have to miss it. (It would be completely illogical to do them both in the same day, right?)

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the dress I chose for the wedding…and the very thin model who wears it much better than I do.

Bridesmaid Dress


This is the actual color, but the one I tried on was a very pretty pink. Thank GOD this color looks decent on fair skin. Now if I could just get my hair growing a little faster…

After the fitting, we headed to Yesterday’s for some much deserved pizza. (It was my cheat day!) Micah, being the dessert freak that she is, was bold enough to order a piece of their very delicious carrot cake. Little did we know that the waiter was plotting against us and planned to kill us with this giant slice.

photo (40)


Literally the size of her face.

My Healthy Tip of the Day brought to you by Relax and have a cup of coffee! Coffee — and the caffeine in it — has been shown in multiple studies to increase both endurance and short-term performance. A 2008 study concluded that the benefit of caffeine before exercise occurs during endurance events, stop-and-go events and long-term high-intensity activity. It also can help athletes perform better during strength training — even when sleep-deprived — if taken one hour before exercise at the rate of 4 mg for every kg of body weight.

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**While I haven’t set a goal yet, I’d like to have at least two inches off my hips by the wedding date.

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