Crock Pot Challenge

Yesterday PBFingers Julie announced the start of her self-imposed “Crock Pot Challenge”. She’s of course inviting her readers to join in and being one of those readers, I’ve decided to join her! Since I’ve already made three successful “new” slow cooker recipes, I’m going to add those to the count. Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, here are the details.

Try 10 new crockpot recipes by the end of February.

That’s it! Pretty simple! Active discussion is welcomed, so she’s recommending you if you’re on Twitter or Instagram and want to communicate with other participants or share recipes, you can use the hash tag #crockpotchallenge. Try to tag @PBFingers, @CatHairCoffee or @BaileeMorris, of course.

Anyway, my recent Crock Pot recipes include:

Lentils and Wild Rice

Lasagna (recipe to come)

Squash, Chickpea and Lentil Stew

So far my favorite has been the stew. I made it a few nights ago for one of my closest friends, Abigail. We paired this African dish with some garlic naan bread and went to town. I didn’t snap any photos, but I have leftovers in my refrigerator. It’s one of those recipes that just looks like mush, but tastes like heaven. I highly recommend adding some curry powder to the mix. We poured some on after we had dumped our servings in a bowl and agreed it added something wonderful to the mix.

The lasagna recipe was good, but I didn’t add enough spices to my vegetarian half. Alex’s spicy sausage half was very good flavorful, but my spinach and mushroom mixture needed a little something-something.

As for the Lentils and Wild Rice, well it was amazing. I’ll be eating on that stuff for the next week or so!



My Healthy Tip of the Day: Join me, along with PBFingers, in the Crock Pot Challenge! If you plan on blogging about your experience, link your entries in the comments section of Cat Hair in my Coffee or send them my way at I’d love to feature some of your recipes!

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