After paroozing many training plans for races, I found a pretty great app that I think may be the ticket to getting me back into shape.

Have you ever heard of Zen Labs? I hadn’t until this app. Apparently, they are an app company that focus heavily on health and fitness. Their apps not only help you reach your fitness goals, but also contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Five percent of all purchases are donated directly to this cause. Anyway, they have a series of training apps for races and I went with the 10K for Pink app. Here’s how the 14 week plan works.

The first two weeks, the plan has you alternating between running for one minute and walking briskly for one minute and a half for a total of 30, including a five minute warm up and cool down. After this, it just gradually builds you up to the last week of running a total of 60 minutes. Pretty neat! Now, I must admit, I’ve always had trouble with plans that start you off running so little. I think it’s just a weird anti-beginners mentality I have because I know I’m capable of running more than that. Since I’ve gotten past that, I’ve really been enjoying the first week. I don’t feel all of this pressure to run a big distance at first, which I know is why I’ve gotten burnt out in the past.

The 10K I’m planning on doing is 12 weeks away, so I’ll probably have to cut out two weeks of my training, but at least I’m finally on a plan that works for me. The best part? While my music is blasting away, my running lady will cut in and say “Start running!” or “Start walking!” It’s awesome. I don’t even have to think about it. Highly recommend.

Download any of the Zen Labs apps at iTunes.

The Never Ending Flu Season

I’m sure everyone is sick (no pun intended) of hearing about yet another strain of the flu being passed around, but I promise you that you’ll be more upset if you ignore the precautions and end up feeling the effects of it yourself.

I was recently contacted by someone about sharing a very informative graphic about the dangers of the flu. What you’ll see below are some very sobering statistics that even reminded me that I’m not immune. Anyway, I dare you to read this graphic and not go running to the doctor to get your flu shot.

Flu Infographic

Just think about it!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Wash your hands!!