Crock Pot Challenge Meal # 6

My latest (not after tonight’s Apple Butter effort!) Crock Pot Challenge meal has been a simple 15 bean soup mix with garlic, salt and pepper. Ok, so not the most imaginative, but I think it still qualifies. After giving it a solid 17 hours cooking, thanks to my inability to remember the difference between ‘low’ and ‘keep warm’. At least I remembered to soak my beans this time!

photo (82)

Oh and you might be wondering about the sign in the background. Well, let me fill you in.

photo (83)

We call it “Bad Timing Kerrie” because she always seems to know when we are getting ready to get up from the couch. That’s the moment she swoops in and plops down. In all actuality, there wasn’t much jumping up and down during the game, so she really didn’t ruin anything. Sorry Karen! Oh and speaking of, I forgot to share the food spread we had that night.

photo (84)

I was beyond stuffed after that. I think I just got excited about our little Super Bowl Party, but failed to remember that included two cats and two humans.

Before I sign off, let me give you a quick training update. Today I finished day 3 of week two, which puts me a little behind, but I plan to make it up this week. My morning routines are working out (no pun intended) perfectly, leaving me with my evenings to do whatever I please. The idea of working out before work always scared me, but after I started following these tips, I barely gave the idea a second thought.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before. You won’t feel good about your workout if you are exhausted from staying up too late.
  • Perform a longer warm up.  Even though I have to make a quick 30 second walk to my gym, sometimes in very cold conditions, my body is almost always still stiff. Take an extra 3-5 minutes to walk on the treadmill or do whatever is necessary to get your body warmed up.
  • Sleep in your exercise clothes. I have a horrible time strapping into sports bras in the morning, so I have started simply sleeping in what I’m going to exercise in. I keep the shoes by the door or at the edge of my bed so I can just throw my hair up and take off out the door. Of course my cats don’t approve when I postpone their morning feeding for a quick 30 at the gym. Sorry, ladies.
  • Plan your breakfast. I’m absolutely a breakfast gal, so part of my skepticism of a morning workout routine was that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a decent breakfast. However, I actually found that not only do I have more time to prepare my eggs because I don’t take as long to get ready, but I actually don’t want to eat as early. Sometimes I even wait until I get to work to eat. Cardio definitely staves my appetite.

So try these tips and see if morning workouts are for you!