Three Things Thursday: New Artists

TTT 06-07-12

I’ve gotten very far away from Three Things Thursdays, so allow me to take the opportunity to revive it! It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so when I was doing my annual rewatching of the seasons, I noticed a band that was playing a pretty catchy song while the gang was hanging at the Bronze. Side note: If Morgantown had a Bronze, I would be so happy. Does anyone remember the episode when Aimee Mann played there?! Anyway, I found out that the band was called Cibo Matto, which is comprised of two Japanese women who focus on food in their lyrics. (I found this delightful.) The song is called Spoon and I’ve been obsessed with it. Ok, ok, time for TTT.

1. Cibo Matto – As I said before, this two woman band originally started their career singing about food, but later expanded their topics. The song I first discovered, Spoon, has a great indie pop beat that just feels fun. The other song featured in that same episode of Buffy was called Sugar Water. It has a very sultry, smooth texture with a prominent drum beat. The lyrics are almost spoken at first, but the chorus has a great “la la la” to it. Oh and did I mention Sean Lennon was once a member?! So cool. Anyway, check them out if you are in to a sort of indie rock/pop acid jazz sound.

2. Nicki Minaj – Well, this isn’t exactly new, but I’ve definitely found her music to be very entertaining since I started watching her on American Idol. She’s edgy, in-your-face and definitely profane with her lyrics, but darn it, she produces such catchy songs! My current favorite really shouldn’t be downloaded by anyone under 16, but if you must know, it’s titled Beez in the Trap.

3. Of Monsters and Men – This was actually a Pandora find for me. I listen to the Band of Horses station pretty frequently and they kept popping up. The first song I heard that I liked was Little Talks. This band is sort of a weird mix for me and actually took me a while to warm up to. Regardless, if you like an indie rock/folk feel, this band is for you.

Ok, that’s all for me. Get off here and go download!

2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: New Artists

  1. I appreciate your music interest. Especially discovering underground music. The concept is interesting and stick to it. Based on your interest, I assume you know them, you would probably like the Lumineers and CSS. If you get the chance, give them a try!

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