What Happened to Spring?

So a few weeks ago, I was expressing my longing for warmer weather. I just wanted to be able to pack a bag and run after work. Not a big request. I kept dreaming of that perfect 65-70 degree weather that spring brings and how I would achieve nirvana by way of the rail trail. Boy was I wrong. Instead of transitioning to a moderately warm temperature, we’ve gone into a full-blown heat wave. Couple that with a ridiculously high humidity level and you’ve just created the weather I absolutely despise: mid-summer.

Running on Tuesday felt just like I was fast forwarded to the end of June. Honestly, you could have flipped the calendar ahead two pages and had me fooled. Now all of you boat folks were probably having a smashingly good time, but us pale folk were not amused by this cruel spring joke. I swear being out there for 30 minutes started to freckle me. I guess I really can’t complain that much (she says after a two paragraph rant). I did ask for trail-appropriate weather and I do anticipate the heat backing off a bit over the next few days, but still I can’t help but wonder if this is what the rest of my life will be like. I’ll hold my global warming spiel for another day. 🙂

Other than the humidity, I can’t really complain about much. My car still amazes me every day. In fact, I went to the store on Sunday for some groceries and managed to fill my entire trunk without even putting the backseats down. It’s a deceptively deep little trunk!

photo (99)


I also filled up my car for the first time in seven days this week and only paid $26 for a full tank. That’s $22 less than I normally paid to fill my Beetle up for around four and a half days. Wow! Right now I’m averaging around 40.3 mpg, but as I become more aware of tips and tricks to save, the numbers keep climbing. I’m hoping to be up to 41 by the end of the weekend.

Ok, that’s enough Prius smut. On to the Healthy Tip.

My Healthy Tip of the Day brought to you by Dr. Oz: Eat most of your carbs early in the day and reduce them as the day goes on. Try to end your day with more protein. This will better your chance of burning off carbs during your day so they don’t transform into fat.