Pasta Party

Yesterday was supposed to be my third day doing Ripped in 30, HOWEVER, I skipped it in favor of a much needed hang session with my friend Abigail. First, we had a very filling dinner at Puglioni’s. I got linguine with veggies and pesto sauce, ate at least half the loaf of bread and still managed to walk out of the place without the help of a crane. After we left there, we headed back to Abigail’s to start planning our little getaway in July. We are going to see She & Him (!!!!!!!!) in Washington D.C. and plan to stay in the city for two nights. Abigail used to live in D.C. for a summer while she worked at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, so she knows the area much better than I do. We’re hoping to do some sightseeing and definitely hit the museum to catch up with some of her former colleagues. Pretty fun trip planned! I stayed out much later than anticipated, but got to see another great friend as well! Worth it.

After I got home, I started thinking about how important it is to savor time with people you care about. Abigail is moving in August and will be living out of the state for nearly 3-5 years, so every little bit of time with her counts. I’m definitely used to her being far away, sometimes even halfway across the world, but it still always bums me out when I realize she won’t be a few minutes away from me. Regardless, I’m very happy and very proud of her. Plus, now I have an excuse to finally visit Massachusetts.

Tonight I plan to hit the Ripped in 30 DVD hard. I may even sneak in 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym as well. Every little bit counts!

What activity can guarantee you’ll skip your workout?

One thought on “Pasta Party

  1. I seem incapable of working out every time I go home to visit! I don’t know what it is. I stay with my Mom who has some sweet exercise equipment.. but I go home and just don’t.wanna.move.

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