Key Lime Greek Yogurt: Dannon Oikos VS Yoplait

Oikos VS Yoplait

Brands Oikos Greek Yogurt Key Lime Yoplait Greek 100 Key Lime
Calories 160 100
Fat 4.5g 0
Sugars 17g 7g
Protein 11g 13g
Sodium 85mg 55mg
Calcium 15% 15%
Vitamin D Not listed 20%
Taste Due to the high sugar content and full-fat flavor, Oikos beats Yoplait hands-down in the taste department. A lighter flavor than Oikos, but a decent sacrifice for 100 calories. Plus, fewer calories means less guilt for adding crushed up graham crackers!
Verdict Winner

As you can see from my table above, Yoplait clearly takes the cake in the health department. Not only does it have 7 grams of sugar less than Oikos and less sodium, but it also beats out its competitor in the protein department. The ingredients were virtually identical, making me feel much better about the winning product. The thing that baffles me is that Oikos has an entire line of fat-free yogurts, but for some reason, Key Lime doesn’t make an appearance. Perhaps this is their opportunity to follow Yoplait’s lead and lighten up this amazing dessert-like flavor. Don’t just take my word for it. Head to the store and compare some of your favorite flavors to other brands. You might be surprised!