I’ve Been Living a Lie

Maybe my title was a bit dramatic and certainly could seem startling to some who have noticed this is my first post in weeks, but I assure you this is just another one of my silly mini-dramas.

A few days ago, Alex and I were babysitting his nephew Cohen. We took him to McDonald’s for dinner and a Despicable Me toy, which was a lovely outing. While we were eating, I told Cohen how pretty his eyes were. (Picture beautiful brown hair with crystal blue eyes.) This got him curious about our eyes. He looked at Alex and then looked at mine. Alex asked him what color his eyes were and he replied “Blue!” Alex then asked him what color my eyes were and he replied “Green! Wait, no black. No, green!” I’ll move past the black part and go straight for the former. GREEN. His little set of 4-year-old eyes saw mine as green. Now, this may not be a shock to anyone else, but I’ve identified as someone with blue eyes for my ENTIRE EXISTENCE. My driver’s license reads BE. My avatars…blue eyes. Me as a Sim…blue eyes! Are you smelling what I’m stepping in? This completely rocked my world.

We parted ways with Cohen and headed home. After Alex and I got settled in on the couch I said, “Can you believe Cohen thought I had green eyes? That’s so strange to me.” Alex replied, “Well don’t you? I’ve always thought your eyes were greyish green.” WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. How could I have lived on this planet for nearly 25 years and not noticed my eyes were a different color? After processing this, I decided to do the only thing I knew that would give me answers: the Google.

I started my quest for eye-color knowledge by looking up heterochromia. While this doesn’t apply to me, it helped me find the answer I’d been looking for. Apparently, my eyes are actually three different colors. I figured this out after carefully inspecting photos of various eye colors and started to compare mine with the colors listed.

Now this isn’t exactly what my eye looks like, but I’ll show you photos of my eyes take within seconds of each other and how different the color is in each. None of these have been altered in any way other than a shift in light when I moved my head from side to side.


So above are my eyes. Below are the colors listed for each.




Not me.



Ha, I wish.


File:Hazel green eyes close up.jpg




File:Green eye lashes.jpg

Hmm…getting closer.


File:Gray eyes.jpg

Eh? Not sure if this is me.

Grey with Yellow Iris





So, I have no clue where I fall. To me, it looks like I have a blue ring around the outer part, a greyish green middle and a yellow ring around my iris. WHAT A MESS.

Anyway, what do you think? 

Thanks to those of you who managed to migrate back here to read this after my very long hiatus. Photos from my trip to D.C. to come!

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