Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting back to an old favorite: Yoga. It started as a way to help quiet my mind in the evenings before bed, but has turned into a great way to help build my mileage back up. Here are some reasons why:

  •  It improves strength and flexibility.  While on the mat, yoga practitioners begin to develop strength in areas, namely core and legs, that runners depend on for injury-free performances. Yoga also helps loosen and lengthen muscles, which reverse the muscle tightness most runners experience.
  • It helps with breathing. Yoga’s main focus is on the breath, so it’s no surprise that many runners find that the breath awareness they learn in yoga class helps them pace themselves and run more efficiently.
  • It can help a runner recover from a workout. Yoga can be both intense and restorative. Some of the best restorative poses are Legs-up-the-Wall Pose, Corpse Pose, Pigeon Pose and Child’s Pose. (See below)
  • It can strengthen the mind. Both running and yoga are activities that must be practiced regularly and that teach practitioners to focus on the present moment. Some find that quieting the mind while stretching and strengthening the body relieves the pain of muscle tension caused by long runs and daily stress.

Poses for Restoration:

Corpse Pose

Up the Wall Pose

Pigeon Pose

For more poses, check out

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