Busy Week!


This week has flown by! It’s funny how the holiday season makes everything seem to zoom by so much faster than usual. The beginning of the week was business as usual, minus yoga (poo!), but livened up last night when my parents came up to see Hello Dolly! the musical with me. Well, actually I tagged along with them. Anyway, we braved the cold by parking at the Coliseum, which didn’t seem that bad when we started over to the show. Unfortunately, afterwards it felt like it was around –20 degrees. Brr.

The show itself was great! I’d never really known what it was about, but really loved all of the old-timey comedy. This would probably explain why 90% of the audience was 60+. Anyway, Sally Struthers (Babette!!!!!) played the lead character, Dolly, and really did a marvelous job. In fact, the entire cast did a fantastic job. The gentleman playing Cornelius, Matt Wolfe, reminded me of Andy Bernard from The Office, so I was cracking up every time he appeared on stage. The lead girl, Lauren Blackman, who played Irene, instantly reminded me of what I would imagine Mary from Downton Abbey would look like in a Broadway play. She was waifish and beautiful. (Not that the two are mutually exclusive.)

Anyway, the whole thing was great and a fun way to spend a Wednesday. Now that I’m in the theater spirit, I’m hoping to see The Nutcracker at the WVU Creative Arts Center for the first time in a few weeks.

Have you seen any productions lately?

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