We’re In Our House!

Well, we’ve finally gotten settled in our new house! It’s been a few weeks since the move-in day and I already feel more at home there than I’ve ever felt anywhere. Seriously, I’ve started regressing to old childhood habits, like rushing home to watch ABC Family and have an after-work snack. I guess this was to be expected?

Some things I’ve already learned from living in a house versus an apartment.

  • Work dem legs, gurl! Granted, I moved into a house that is a great deal larger than my old apartments, but still…I was not at all prepared for how tiring it would be to walk from one floor to another. My god, man, the stairs.
  • The silence. Living in dorms and apartments taught me to drown out the external sounds (i.e. stupid-ace neighbors). It’s not something I ever really learned to ignore, but it definitely was something I’d adjusted to. Now, I notice I sleep better, relax more and just have a more comfortable feeling walking around my home.
  • The great outdoors. Actually being able to walk out into a yard may seem like a simple act, but not to a former apartment dweller. The feeling of walking through grass and it being our own is totally cool!
  • Security.  Every time I signed a lease, I knew that at any point, someone could walk into my apartment. Being in a home allows us the security of knowing that nobody will ever walk in unannounced again! Granted, it was nice having someone come in to change air filters and such, but I’d rather do that than wonder if someone is snooping through my stuff any day!

I could go on and on, but the best part is this:

IMG_6625 IMG_6633 IMG_6630

Karen and Grace are happy!

So there you have it. The Morris/Miller household (soon-to-be Miller-only household) is up and running!