Hey Bruh!

Hi everyone! Long time no blog!

To say a lot has happened since I last posted would be an understatement. The biggest change certainly has been the newest addition to the Miller household. Here’s a hint…my coffee just got a whole lot more hairy!


Little baby Brady was only seven weeks when we found him hanging out behind the gas station near our house. We tried and tried to catch him, but he was simply too wild. Just when I’d thought he had disappeared, I spotted him run behind the ice machine outside of the gas station. It took a can of tuna, a broom and a whole lotta dust and dirt, but it was well worth it. (You can see him wedged behind the machine in the top left pic of the collage.) He was so tiny and so, so dirty, but I got him all cleaned up and set up a little room for him at our house.


This was taken at the vet, the day after we found him. He was so tiny! Seven weeks is too little to be roaming the streets.


After a de-fleaing and de-worming period (about four weeks), we decided it was time to introduce him to our girls. Shockingly, it all went well. There was a little hissing and slapping, but now they all coexist just fine (within a healthy distance of each other). Well, sort of.


They always form a triangle. I’m always suspicious.

You see, Grace has established herself as the alpha cat. She basically bullies Brady at any opportunity, but in a cute, playful way. Trust me, it’s not malicious or I wouldn’t be so casual about it. As a result, Brady has decided to assert his dominance over Karen, because, well, she’s old. He mostly just annoys her, but sometimes we like to stick him in another room to give her a break from his “playing” ways.


The girls taking a break in the basement.

Now, Brady is 15 weeks old (until he’s six months, it’s just easier to measure age this way) and is well on his way to becoming an enormous cat. He still loves to sit on our backs, but has hit a bit of an ornery patch. He’s what we in the cat world like to call a “Devil Cat”. Seriously, Satan himself would bow down to this feisty little monster. All joking aside, Brady is a wonderful and very unexpected addition to our family unit and we constantly remind ourselves that we’ll miss these kitten days!


Just a couple of bros. He’s 15 weeks in this picture and is far from done growing.

On to some other exciting news. I’m back to running full time again! As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to basically start from scratch due to my hips being out of alignment. I put in my time at the chiropractor, and finished up my six week stint with the instructions to only run for five to ten minutes each time I hit the trail. The rest of the time was to be spent walking and adjusting my stride to it’s correct alignment. It was maddening to watch Alex get to take off for 30 minutes, while I was poking around behind him for the remaining 20. However, with patience and endurance, I have worked my way up to running 3.1 miles again! I feel great and I actually look forward to lacing up again. My pain is minimal, but not without a little maintenance. I try to use my resistance band to stretch out at least three times per week. If I start to notice any tightness, I just roll out my yoga mat in my cube at work and stretch it out. Sitting at a desk all day long plays a huge role in my tightness, so a few hip flexor and glute exercises a day can really alleviate that. In addition to stretching and wearing my orthotic inserts, I also decided to switch back to the more supportive style of Brooks running shoes: Adrenaline GTS.


I actually got these at http://www.6pm.com for about $30 less than I would have paid on their website. (Not saying that’s the way to go…but seriously, check out 6pm for great deals!) These have awesome support and have really grippy soles, which are perfect for trail running. These shoes have totally saved my back!

Well, I think that’s all for today. I’ll leave you with a link to the page I visit quite often when I need to open up my hips and stretch my flexors. Oh and PS, PopSugar is an amazing site that you need to start visiting immediately. Try out some of these moves today! http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Basic-Stretches-Tight-Hips-3130483#photo-3130483

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