Cat Hair Philosophy

One day I was preparing a pot of coffee to share with Alex when my beloved cat Grace decided it was time for one of her usual trips onto the coffee table. We shooed her away when I brought our cups over and waited a bit for our coffee to cool. Though risking third degree burns on his tongue, Alex brought the cup up to his mouth before exclaiming, “Oh yuck! There’s a Grace hair in my coffee!”

I immediately burst out laughing and offered to get him a new cup. When I brought him a new hairless beverage, I told him how often I dealt with cat hair in my life and how I eventually gave up worrying about it because over the years, cats have brought me so much joy. Being a die-hard Grace fan, he agreed and the matter was forgotten.

A few weeks later I made the decision to once again change my blog name. I wanted something personal and I wanted something interesting, but it also needed to reflect my new-found so-what-if-I-eat-a-cupcake attitude towards my health regimen. I started with a list of my favorite things and how they could tie to fitness. I quickly realized that “Crazy Feline Fitness” would probably confirm to my family and friends that I had totally lost it and had finally opened that gym for cats, so I kept searching. Finally, after several days of thinking it over, I remembered that silly incident with Alex and Grace.

“There’s a Grace hair in my coffee!”

This simple phrase sparked a myriad of thoughts of how connected the idea of my so-what-if-I-eat-a-cupcake philosophy was to my thought of “I have cats, therefore I wear cats.” Yes, I get cat hair on my clothes, furniture, and sliced apple, but I still love cats. Yes, I eat ice cream and pizza until I’m mistaken for being in my third trimester, but I still keep pounding the pavement to make up for it. After all of these thoughts, the name for my blog was clear.

Life happens and sometimes that means I end up with a little Cat Hair in my Coffee.

2 thoughts on “Cat Hair Philosophy

  1. I’m dying. This pretty much sums up my entire existence.

    (Note: the only time I have ever been truly nervous about my cat-hair-wearing was when I wore an, of course, cat-hair-covered sweater to meet my boyfriend’s parents…who have zero pets and the cleanest house I’ve ever seen. Whoops. Bet they weren’t expecting me to walk through their door wearing my cat…)

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