Shape 10-Minute Interval Workout

I just so happen to think intervals are the best way to bust out of a cardio rut. They can be especially helpful to long-time runners who may be getting bored with the same pace. Try this 10-minute interval Shape workout and you won’t only eliminate your boredom, but you’ll sizzle some major calories!

Time What to Do RPE
0-3 Warm Up 5
3-4 Hill 7
4-5 Recover 5
5-6 Hill 8
6-7 Recover 5
7-8 Hill 9
8-10 Cool Down 5

Try this workout once through if on a time crunch, or double times 3-8. Oh and FYI…

RPE 1–2: Very easy; you can converse with no effort
RPE 3: Easy; you can converse with almost no effort
RPE 4: Moderately easy; you can converse comfortably with little effort
RPE 5: Moderate; conversation requires some effort
RPE 6: Moderately hard; conversation requires quite a bit of effort
RPE 7: Difficult; conversation requires a lot of effort
RPE 8: Very difficult; conversation requires maximum effort
RPE 9–10: Peak effort; no-talking zone

This took me forever to figure out!

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