Back on Track

Whew, it feels good to be back in the blogosphere. The last few months have been a blur of weddings, bridal showers, work events and a 5K to boot! Sure I had fun at each, but I’m so glad to have some much needed down time for the next few months. Too bad my psychotic cat Grace refuses to let me get caught up on sleep.

Grace Soon

Grace Soon 3

Grace Soon 5

Moving on to the newest excitement in life: my Round Right Farm CSA membership! Back in the fall, I signed up with Round Right Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), but got put on a waiting list. Sometime in February, I received notification that a spot had opened up. I quickly sent in my deposit and patiently waited until my first arrival last week.


In this batch, I received one bundle of radishes, asparagus, swiss chard, one head of lettuce and a bagged salad mix. I had never tried swiss chard before, but after I sauteed it with some onion and added quinoa, I was sold! I roasted the asparagus and stuffed myself silly.


Fast forward to tonight’s pickup…



Look how beautiful this swiss chard is! Anyway, this batch contained one bunch of swiss chard, radishes, green onion, two heads of lettuce and a bag of spinach. I pretty much had a repeat of the quinoa dish, but this time I sauteed the spinach and added shaved Parmesan. Yum yum.

Before I sign off, let me talk a little bit about CSAs. I had never heard of this sort of program until one of my coworkers started bringing in tons of fresh vegetables for lunch. I had inquired about where he purchased the bulk of his produce and learned that he was part of this Round Right Farm CSA program. The concept sounded really cool to me. Who doesn’t love to support local farmers by eating tons of fresh veggies? Anyway, if you want to find a similar program in your area, check out Local Harvest. It will tell  you everything you need to know about joining a CSA program.

Ok, I’m off to the gym. Have a great evening!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Step out of your comfort zone and try a new vegetable or fruit. You might be surprised what new recipes you can whip up!