Cooking Away

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I started using the Blue Apron service. So far, I’ve found it to be a really fun way to get comfortable in the kitchen. I was always a standard lasagna, chicken tacos and soup/sandwich kind of girl, but now I’m making dishes like these!


Flank steaks and creamed kale with sunchokes


Seared hake with melted leeks and fingerling potatoes


Pan-seared salmon with cranberry and walnut stuffing

Oh, and it’s totally true what they say about white plates — they do make everything look more beautiful! Anyway, The dishes above were a few of my favorites to make and definitely favorite to eat. I never realized toasted sunflowers and kale could go so wonderfully together! Also, leeks in a tin foil bag with potatoes might be my new go-to. The leeks had such a mild flavor and really complimented the light hake.

In other news, we’ve finally started putting together our last few rooms of the house. I think when anyone moves into a new house from an apartment/condo, they just fill what they can and let the rest come later. That’s exactly what we did. One of our spare rooms still needs some major work before it’s magically transformed into an office, but the entryway room is now on it’s way to being complete.


Karen’s favorite spot! (We were trying to flatten the rug — hence, the boxes.)

After a lot of consideration, we decided against making this room a dining room. It just didn’t feel natural to us and we didn’t see ourselves ever using it. A sitting area with a big, comfy rug? Now that we will use! Oh and that mirror you see off to the right only cost me $25 at TJ Maxx. That will, hopefully, be used for this Pinterest idea.

Umbrella stand + coat rack | Dream Green DIY

I love the idea of pictures surrounding the mirror!

I love the idea of putting a little table in the entryway for dropping keys, pocket change, etc. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to do one last hair check before dashing out the door.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m off to pretend I’m finally going to start that 30-day lunge challenge, when I know I’m really just going to go eat and loaf on the couch. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Brady moments. You’ll see it ties in to this post, because…well, there is cooking involved.



New Drinking Game

I think I’m going to encourage everyone to start doing a shot every time I miss a Running to Rome goal. Once again I’m about 20 miles shy of where I needed to be for the beginning of May. I could blame the fact that I moved last week, or I could own up to my own lack of planning. So this is me owning up.

In other, more successful news, I’m unpacked, have a bed frame for the spare room on the way, and have two very settled girls waiting for me every day when I get home. As some of you may or may not have known, I recently had to move into a pet-friendly apartment complex to accommodate my fuzzy roommates. The place is twice the size of my last and has a washer/dryer! I can finally stop going to the carwash for change every other week! The only hiccup I seem to be encountering in the new place is its lack of decoration (and my lack of motivation). You see, I was encouraged to avoid putting holes in the walls for pictures and such due to the complex’s weird patch fee. (I feel like its $25 per wall they have to patch!) Luckily I have a ton of those little plastic hooks that actually support quite a bit of weight. Now I just have to settle on a couch cover color and then I’m on my way to surfing Pinterest for ideas.

What’s a good color for a beige and peach living room?

The couch I have now is blue and cream, which Alex seems to like; however I despise the plaid-ish pattern. Here are some options:


I think a beige or light brown would be cute too, but I would definitely need tons of accent pillows.

Anyway, tomorrow I start back to running club, which I’m welcoming with open arms. I’m hoping I can do at least 4 miles to leave me with only an extra 16 to catch up on. Here’s to hoping!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: I recently saw a bumper sticker on Pinterest that I thought would be a perfect reminder for my fresh start back to running.

That ice cream does look killer though…