Mr. & Mrs.

Hi everyone!

For the few of you who are still left reading my sporadically updated blog, I’d like to share some news. Alex Miller and I finally tied the knot. On October 4, 2014, we said “I do” at the Chebeague Island Inn in Maine! The ceremony was very intimate and lasted about 5-7 minutes. It was perfect! I’d gush about how two souls became one and all of that jazz, but I’d rather not make anyone sick. So instead I’ll share a recap of our trip!

The Millers Do (Did) Maine!

We decided to drive to our wedding destination, which was a decision that was carefully thought out and considered. In fact, a PowerPoint was presented to the future groom informing him of our travel options. Once we nailed down the method of travel, we had to map out our route. My dear friend Abigail, who lives in Worcester and attends Clark University, advised us against any routes that would take us through or even close to New York City. (Spoiler alert: after a very unsuccessful trip “to” Boston, we figured out pretty quickly that driving in any city larger than D.C. or Pittsburgh is probably a mistake for us.) We chose the route that would take us through Scranton, Pa. (yay Office destination) and would only cost us about 30 extra minutes.


Passing through Bedford, Pa.

We split the drive up into two chunks. The first was from Morgantown to Scranton and the second was on to Portland, where we filed for our marriage license. The drive to Scranton was picturesque! We took a lovely drive through Bedford, Pa., en route to our destination and took in every single sight of the leaves changing. Once it became dark, the trip became much less about adventure and more about finding a darn town. We knew we were close to Scranton, but what we failed to realize was that most of the state of Pennsylvania up to that point had forgotten to turn on the lights. We could barely see the road at times! After we made it to the Electric City, we got settled in and rested up for day two of traveling.


The next morning, we headed out. I got a little anxious when my officiant called to report “weird” weather in the Portland area. She informed me that it had been drizzly most of the day, but that you could never really tell what the weather was going to do in that state. Ok, fair enough, but what she didn’t realize was that we were more interested in a chilly, autumn wedding day.

We drove through about a million tolls that second day, until we finally hit the straight stretch from New Hampshire to Portland. The crossing moose signs started popping up and I knew we were in heaven. Once we reached Portland, we were ready to put our house on the market and send for the cats. We instantly fell in love with the place! It reminded us of a mix of Morgantown and Pittsburgh, but much cleaner and with much friendlier people (friendlier than Pittsburgh — people in Morgantown are actually pretty pleasant). We headed over to City Hall to file for the license and then had a delicious dinner at a place called Timber.


Wasabi peas!!!

IMG_6766 IMG_6767 IMG_6771

My dish combined vanilla and garlic with seafood. At first I was skeptical, but then, after a few bites, I was in heaven! Alex got some kind of cowboy steak, which was pretty out of this world. We stuffed ourselves to the brim. Shortly after finishing our dinner, we got word that Alex’s sister would be heading to meet us so we could all ride to the ferry together. We took off and just barely caught the shuttle to the ferry site. Water travel definitely took some getting used to! We arrived at the Chebeague Island Inn that night and settled in for the weekend of fun!

The next day, we were able to explore the island a bit. Boy oh boy was it gorgeous. During their “off” season, only 300 people reside on the island. That’s a huge difference compared to their 3,000 summer population!


The beautiful Chebeague Island Inn.

IMG_6773 IMG_6774 IMG_6776



After realizing that we were going to freeze our pants off, we decided to head inland to buy some warmer clothes. We met my parents at the shuttle site and headed to the fabulous Freeport, AKA, the shopping mecca. I’ll fast forward to the good stuff.


We had a fabulous ring bearer! 😀

We got married! Woohoo! On Saturday, October 4, 2014, we said “I do” on the porch of the inn. So fun. After that was just a lot of champagne, food and enjoying each others’ company. The next day we all headed off in different directions. Most headed home, but Alex and I headed north, towards Bar Harbor.


It was night time when we arrived, but we could tell just from our brief lap around the main street that we were going to love this place. We were so right. We spent the entire day walking around the town and then driving through the Acadia National Park. So fun!


I ate every bite.


The amazing view from our room in Bar Harbor!


Ok, so after we left there, we headed to Salem, Mass. We were sooo excited to go during October, because we had read that the entire town is just one big Halloween party the entire month. They weren’t kidding. We decided to stay at the haunted Hawthorne Hotel, which was pretty centrally located to everything in town. In Salem, we visited a witch museum, stopped at a local witch shop, toured the House of Seven Gables, walked past a million old buildings (the first established Episcopal church in U.S., the Witch House), walked through the graveyard where Giles Corey was pressed to death, and made a sad attempt to go visit Gallows Hill, which we later found no longer exists.


Hawthorne Hotel had only two haunted rooms, but we definitely felt a creepy vibe in the hallways!


This is where Gallows Hill used to sit. Apparently the town just wanted to forget this awful period in it’s history and decided to build a park for the community.


“The Witch House” was home to the judge, Jonathan Corwin, who prosecuted the accused witches.


The House of the Seven Gables tour was really fun!


Tombstones back then were so creepy.


The Old Burying Point Cemetery is over 400 years old!


We didn’t have a chance to tour this museum, but it looked really interesting. Definitely going back next year!

IMG_6960 IMG_6958 IMG_6947

After Salem, we headed west to Hartford, Conn. There we stayed the final night of a our vacation. I didn’t get to do anything Gilmore Girls themed, but I now have a great plan for our next trip to NE!

We arrived home to find very happy cats. Apparently the grouchies missed us! We took our time getting settled in and then immediately decided we were going back as soon as we were able. Yes, the Millers LOVE New England. We highly recommend a trip like this to anyone interested in our country’s rich history. You honestly can’t turn a corner in any of the towns without running smack-dab into some historic landmark.



Get Low Furlough

Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thanks to the government’s inability to make decisions, I, like a ton of other federal employees, have been furloughed. At first I was shocked, but now it’s feeling surprisingly normal to live each day without an agenda. Luckily, I have had a few fun trips since I’ve been “shut out.”

A week ago, my parents invited me to go to Cass Scenic Railroad with them for one of their monthly day trips. Since Dad left the prosecutor’s office, he’s really slowed down his work load, so he and Mom and enjoying life as much as possible. Anyway, we left around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday afternoon and hit our first spot just outside of Randolph County, Gaudineer Picnic Area.

Cass Trip

It was the coolest spot I’ve ever picnicked. The entire forest floor felt like walking on pillows! It also really gave me an understanding of how dangerous it can be to wander away from your group or hiking partner…or maybe it’s just my general concern for every situation.

A few days after that trip, I loaded up the car and headed to D.C. to visit my friend and old roommate, Chelsey, with my other friend and old roommate, Micah. We arrived at Chelsey’s Friday evening and spent the entire time drinking wine and catching up. The next day, Chelsey and I got up and headed to a barre class at this cool little studio called Biker Barre.

We let Micah sleep in since she works a billion hours a week. I had never been to a barre-style class, so I was pretty surprised that I actually managed to finish the workout without collapsing on the floor. It was a challenge! I definitely wish we had something like this in Morgantown.

After the workout, we spent the whole day walking around D.C., eating and shopping. That night, we headed out for dinner and drinks with Chelsey’s boyfriend Jay and several new friends. Such a fun night!


Now it’s time to get into the holiday spirit by settling in for the premiere of American Horror Story: The Coven! So excited for this!

Third Annual Girls on the Run 5K

Well, tomorrow is the big Girls on the Run race! It seems like it just crept up on me, but here it is! Like the last two years, the 5K will be held at the Marilla Center in Morgantown and will offer a variety of activities and booths. To name a few:

  • Zumba – 10 a.m.
  • Yoga – post race
  • Happy Hair Station (That’s where you’ll find me!) – available all day. This is a great place for our GOTR participants to stop by and get some awesome Goody hair decor.
  • Pinky Promise Station – available all day. Stop by this booth and take the Pinky Promise Challenge to help put an end to bullying by having your pinky nails painted blue.
  • Shopping Area – available all day.
  • Eco Race Events (ERE) will be recycling and will also be accepting donations of any old race shirts and other clothes, including old running shoes. Clean, usable clothes and shoes will be donated to be used again and will also be used to make new textiles and shoes will be given to Nike to chop up for running track surfaces. Old trophies will also be collected for reuse.

As you can see, this will be a fun-filled, jam packed event. Don’t worry, we have a map for all of these awesome activities! So, what if you’ve already registered? You can pick up your pre-registration packet tonight at Health Works in Morgantown between 5:30 and 7 p.m. Any questions you have about the race can be answered by me or one of our volunteers. If you can’t make it, you can always get your packet tomorrow morning starting at 8:30 a.m. Remember the race starts at 10:30 a.m., so get your packet early! If you haven’t registered, you can register starting at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow inside the Marilla Center. The race does fill up quickly, so come early if you want a spot.

Parking is available along East Brockway Avenue and in lots surrounding the Marilla Center, including the lot by the upper ball field and playground. Carpooling is encouraged! Lastly, if you play to come, don’t forget to bring a towel, as we won’t let rain stop us from enjoying the day! Should thunderstorms be in the area, participants won’t be put at risk. Cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page.

Ok, that covers it! Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you there!

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