My Stitch Fix Experience

A few months ago, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. I’d read several positive reviews and started seeing a lot of posts about the service pop up in my social media news feeds. Every day people, JUST LIKE ME, were trying this service with a lot of success. I decided to sign up, paid the $20 styling fee and patiently waited for my first “fix” to arrive.

At first, I was…pretty underwhelmed, to be honest. I thought I’d receive five items I just couldn’t live without; however, I received five items that I just “kinda” liked. Since I’d already paid the $20 styling fee, I figured I’d keep the necklace. What the heck, right? It was a super cute long chain with little dangly things on the end. It went with practically everything in my closet and has surprisingly held up well.


Here is one of the super cute necklaces I kept. 

The next month rolled around and it was like déjà vu. I kept another cute necklace (above) and sent the rest of the stuff back. I feel bad saying this, but I was actually too embarrassed to share any of the photos via social media of myself in the clothing, because I thought they were so unflattering on me. (You’ll see the long, gold necklace I did keep. I actually kept the dark blue shirt, too.)

So, yeah. I was pretty bummed. However, after I started adding stuff to a Pinterest board for my stylist to access, I noticed I was receiving pieces I was more eager to keep. For instance, in one shipment, I received the CUTEST blouse with elephants all over it and it is, to this day, one of my favorite shirts.


The elephant shirt is in the center. Although, the striped J-Crew shirt to the left of it might be my second favorite.

With each shipment, I noticed more and more of “my style” coming through in the pieces. I didn’t expect miracles or anything, but I did hope to keep more than just one item each time. Fast forward to this month’s fix. Please cue the drum roll…I’m keeping EVERYTHING. That’s right. Everything. I cannot believe it, but this latest fix has completely blown me away. I mean, when I opened it up, I thought, “Wow this seems really ‘me’, but there’s no way it will all fit.” Oh, but it did.

Everything felt super comfortable and all of the pieces seemed like things I could easily fit into my wardrobe. I’m especially excited to wear the dress with a cute denim jacket and some flats this spring!

So, is Stitch Fix right for you? Well, I can’t make that decision for you, but what I can do is provide you with a few short facts that may help you decide whether or not to give their service a try.

  1. It brings custom-fitted clothing right to your door. This service really takes the work out of shopping, which is sometimes a huge relief. Ever head off for a nice, relaxing afternoon of shopping, only to be bombarded with crowds and pushy salespeople, defeated by bad dressing room lighting and left wandering around the food court in search of sugary redemption? Yeah, me too. Actually, what usually happens is I dare to step outside of the box, get home and realize I don’t know how to wear something. Thankfully, the next point addresses that very issue!
  2. The stylist provides you with dress and casual style examples for each of your items. (See the card in the image above.) I am someone that generally needs to be instructed on how to wear something. I’m getting better at thinking outside of the box (or maybe I am starting to care less about how my style is perceived), but I still have moments when I’m not sure if I need to pair my skinny jeans with riding boots or simple ankle booties. It’s a lot of work being a woman, but thankfully, my stylist tells me exactly how to dress my pieces.
  3. You basically customize everything. That sounded more vague than I intended, but that’s because you can, quite literally, customize every part of your styling experience. This service allows you to set your sizing for every item of clothing you can think of. Dresses, shirts, blouses, jeans, skirts, etc. It also allows you to set price ranges for each, which I think is really nice. It also offers you visual options for your style. Say you can’t quite pinpoint what your go-to style is. Stitch Fix will offer a series of outfit images that you can select as some of the styles you like to sport. It’s really neat!
  4. If you don’t like anything, you simply send it back. I like this service, because there are times when I really only find one item in each fix that I like, so I just send the rest of the stuff back through the mail. Plus, your $20 styling fee goes toward any purchase!
  5. If you do like everything, you get a discount! It isn’t much, but if you want to keep your entire fix, you receive a 25% discount, plus the $20 is deducted from your final price. Plus, the clothes are high quality, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing out.

Ok, I’ve pitched this enough. Go visit their site, look them up on Pinterest and see if this service is something worth trying. Remember, you can always cancel your subscription if you get tired of it!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Dress for comfort! In college, I used to try to pour myself into tight jeans and jam my feet into way too high heels, but now, I go for a comfy chic look. I’ve traded in my pumps for wedges, discovered my deep, passionate love of stretch jeans, and found that a blazer can dress just about anything up. Ok, this is more of a fashion tip, but whatevs.