Skin Care

Hi everyone! I hope your new year is starting off with lots of happiness and motivation toward all of your goals! I know mine is going well so far. I wanted to bring up something that I’ve been a little obsessed about for the last few months: skin care. Before I got married back in October, I decided I wanted to try a new makeup. I had heard great things about Bare Minerals, so while I was at the South Hills mall in Pittsburgh, I stopped in their store. One of the employees immediately got to work on choosing the right combination of products for my skin. After she walked me through how to apply each product, I felt confident with my new face. I am now a HUGE Bare Minerals advocate.

Within a few weeks, I noticed my skin had really started to clear up. I had fewer bumps and my breakouts had reduced greatly. However, because of the nature of the powder makeup, I had started noticing a few other things about my skin that I just didn’t like. For example, from years of raising my eyebrows, I spotted two fairly deep lines on my forehead. Now, most people wouldn’t have noticed them, but every time I looked in the mirror, it was all I could see. If I had been in my 30s, I would have called this natural aging, but considering I’m only 26, this alarmed me. I also noticed that my pores had only started getting bigger. Again, something that I know is from aging, but shouldn’t be happening so rapidly. So, instead of rushing out to purchase a ton of products, I waited until my regularly scheduled dermatologist appointment to bring all of these issues up.

After meeting with my doctor, she and I both determined that an anti-aging skin care routine would be the best thing for someone of my age. The first thing she pointed out was the importance of moisturizing. Being someone with fairly oily skin, I had avoided lotions like the plague. She told me that this was actually counterintuitive, because a dry face would actually trigger my body to produce more oils to compensate. The second thing she recommended was a glycolic acid cream. This is the same stuff that is used for chemical peels; however, she provided me with a very low dose. She said as I age, I can gradually start moving up in strength. Glycolic acid is used to improve the skin’s appearance and texture, by reducing wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and can help improve many other skin conditions. Basically, it works to exfoliate the skin, stripping away the dead, damaged layer to expose the new, young layer below. The third thing she provided me was a prescription for a retinoid cream. The retinoid cream works to clean out and shrink my pores, as well as clears acne. All of these things together create a more smooth, line-free, acne-free face. Honestly, my face has never been softer!

The bad news is that it takes about 10-12 weeks to really see improvements, but the good news is that it is so worth it to see new and beautiful skin! The glycolic acid does cause peeling, but a good moisturizer will help battle the flakes. My derm actually told me that if peeling and dryness doesn’t occur, the cream strength is too weak. By coupling all of these creams with a great SPF, I not only have baby skin back, but I am protecting myself for years to come. Below you’ll find my total skin care routine. It may seem like a lot, but your skin will thank you down the road. Deep forehead lines are usually hard to correct without the aid of Botox or surgery, so start protecting yourself now and avoid the frustration later in life. IMG_7657

If you can’t already tell, I’m a HUGE Neutrogena fan. I just find their products work best on my skin. So, when I wake up, I like to wash my face with the Ultra Gentle foaming formula. This just makes my skin feel refreshed and helps with the oil my face produces throughout the night. After that, I apply a thin layer of the glycolic acid cream. This cream does sting a little, so I usually like to apply it on and then go make a cup of coffee or something to allow time for it to settle in. After that, I apply Pond’s moisturizer to my neck and face. Never forget your neck! Finally, before I start my makeup routine, I put on my Elta MD sunscreen. I’ve also used Neutrogena’s sunscreen products and highly recommend them.

After the day is done, it’s time to strip all of that makeup off my face. I’ll start with removing my eye makeup with my Neutrogena Naturals wipes. I’ll usually try to remove as much makeup as possible with one wipe before I gently wash my face with the Ulra Gentle foaming formula again. Sometimes I notice that my pores are just looking large, so I’ll opt to swipe on some of the Pore Refining solution. Finally, I finish the night with the Adalapene Gel .3%, using only a pea-sized amount. Honestly, once I got into the habit of using these products, I realized it didn’t take up much of my routine as I initially thought it would. My final skin care habit is staying out of the sun as much as possible.

Well, there you have it. I hope you find some of these products as useful and effective as I did. Did I mention those two lines on my forehead are now gone? That’s right. GONE. 🙂

Good luck with your skin care routine and have a fabulous weekend!

List of the Bare Minerals products I use.